Riding Rota Vicentina

Riding Rota Vicentina

Riding the Southwest Coast of Portugal

This is a great location for cycling. It is possible to ride all year long, with good chances of riding in dry weather in the winter. Apart from the meteorological possibilities, there are plenty of other charms for this tour. it is a great area to cycle and the region is a hidden gem that Portugal kept secret. This is your best Rota Vicentina Cycling Tour.
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8 Days

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Touring or Road Bike

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“An exquisite tour that offers opportunities to ride in different scenarios and visit the Vicentine Coast”

What a ride. I was the one responsible for the choice of this trip for my friends and it was a winner decision. We are all more than happy with the ride and the trip went as smooth as I hoped, putting the pressure on my friend that need to plan the next trip! I wonder if we are returning to Portugal… at this moment I think that is the choice for everyone. Thanks Xplore for making this trip a great time cycling with my riding buddies.

Grant Guise

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