Hike & Drive

Hike & Drive Tours

Travel trough Portugal. Visit and Hike the best locations

Xplore Portugal offers you the possibility to travel by car, visit the most interesting, beautiful and historical locations in the country and hike the best trails. This is the best way to really get to know the country, when you do a self-drive combined with the best hikes.

Try the best eXperience you can have in Portugal

A tailored tour according with your needs, activity level and availability.

With our eXperience eXploring Portugal we can build the perfect tour for your holidays.

Our team will put their eXpertise at work to coordinate and plan your travel throughout Portugal and share their insight knowledge to prepare your active trip, with wonderful sites to visit and hike while doing a self-drive tour.

We can select the best accommodations at the locations, prepare an information pack, suggest the best typical corners and share with you the great hikes available on the different locations chosen by you. All of this according to your needs and eXpectations.


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