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Arrábida Delight

The Natural Park of Arrábida is located just 30 minutes from the city center of Lisbon to the South. With a stunning coastline, protected from the prevailing north winds, this is a magnificent place to do a walking tour.

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Detail about this day tour

Walking in Arrábida Natural Park

Price : €170

Arrabida is a Natural Park that holds wonders for those who are more distracted. Just by visiting with a local guide you can make the most of this fantastic region just to the south of Lisbon.

With just half an hour drive from the city center of Lisbon you are inside this Natural Park area. Here you can decide if you want to hike stunning trail of cliff tops, visit natural wonders, discover some historical places or visit local wineries… maybe combining all of this with the expert knowledge of XPLORE Portugal guides. Just eXplore Lisbon and its surroundings.

Places to visit

Maps & Location

Located in the peninsula in the south margin of Tagus river, protected from the northern winds by the Arrábida mountain this beautiful natural area has a lot to offer to its visitors. Allow yourself to be amazed by the beauty of this region.

Hiking is a great idea. The Espichel Cape or Risco Cliff can give you a stunning hike, always protected from the wind and with beautiful views. Walk on Portinho da Arrábida beach and just admire this breathtaking beach and visit Azeitão with its wineries and tasty pastries.

5 to 9 km of walking with some climbing that will take you by beautiful trails away from the crowds with the chance to view stunning places just available for those hiking this area.

Guided full day tour with hotel pick up and drop off. Experienced nature guide with excellent level of English and the local knowledge of the area, that will give you the local insight.


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