Estoril and Cascais by Bicycle

Short Escape
Estoril and Cascais
by Bicycle

Just take advantage of this beautiful coast and ride comfortable dedicated bike lanes that will boost your confidence and give you the possibility to admire lovely locations along your ride.

Riding in Guincho with Xplore Portugal

Detail about this day tour

Cicling in Estoril and Cascais
By the Coastline

Price : €85

Riding along the charming Estoril and Cascais coastline is a great way to spend a day riding comfortably and admire the charms this bourgeois area of Portugal has to offer. Riding with Xplore Portugal guides will give you the extra insight of the region and make it possible to just relax and admire!

The usual itinerary starts in Estoril following the promenade until Cascais. Once in Cascais there is the city center to visit. From here we will visit the marina and keep following the dedicated bike lane towards Guincho beach by the water, overlooking the cliffs.

Places to visit

Maps & Location

It is possible to start in the morning or in the afternoon, with plenty of great places to make a small stop for a café (coffee). It is time to eXplore Cascais – Just go for it!

The beautiful architecture of this bourgeois area of Portugal make it a great place to ride slowly and admire the surroundings. making a pause in the city center of Cascais for a coffee or for an ice-cream in Santinni (this place claims they have the best ice-cream of the world). The goal in Guincho Beach, a beautiful sandy beach overlooking Cabo da Roca – the most western point of Europe.

Up to 30 km of flat dedicated bike lanes along the coast. There will be hardly any traffic in the areas of this ride.

Guided half day tour with hotel pick up and drop off. Experienced nature guide with excellent level of English and the local knowledge of the area, that will give you the local insight.


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