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We can help you capture your most memorable and adventurous experiences eXploring Portugal

The things we do best

Short Escapes

We have great Short Escapes available for you. Just eXplore Portugal during a short break.

Bike Rental

Travelling in Portugal on a bike? Staying for a business? Visiting a relative? Rent our bikes and eXplore Portugal.


In need of a reliable transfer service in Lisbon or Oporto! Xplore Portugal is your solution.

people talk

Hold on! We’re not trying to sell you on our products. Instead, here are some newly made friends that used our services and they will do the hard work for us.

I was in Lisbon for a short stay and decided to ride with my family. Xplore Portugal recommended some locations and provided the bikes... probably the best part of our family trip to Portugal!
Cycling Families - Xplore Portugal
Keila Eller
I was researching for a weekend hike in Europe and came across the Sintra area. I asked Susana from Xplore if it was possible to join the two day hikes from Sintra and it was great. I highly recommend it!
Hiking in History - Xplore Portugal 4
Caterina Martinelli
marketing manager
I was in town for a Music Festival and had a lot of appointments to attend. My contact with Gabriela gave me a assurance that I was able to arrive everywhere that I intended and Filipe, the driver was a knowledgeable and helpful guy. Thank you very much XPLORE!
denis maceoin
music producer

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