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In self-guided tours you get the same quality, style, service, and comfort of guided tours. Self-guided tours offer you immense flexibility, freedom and independence. It can be your dates, your schedules, your choices, your rules, your decision! You can enjoy the tour your own way.

It is also important to recognize that a self-guided tour is not the same as what is known as a self-contained tour where you are responsible for everything from planning the routes, arranging hotels, luggage transfers, carrying your gear, etc. On a self-guided tour everything is arranged by the tour agency for your comfort and convenience to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Since we are a domestic company, we are here to help you with any anything you might need. For that you are provided with a Portuguese phone and emergency phone number in case you need assistance.

Self-guided tours include a booklet with relevant information about the tour, different stages, an overall map, sites to visit, places to eat, the climbing and distance.

With our guided tours you can be sure that you are going to have a carefully selected and trained Portuguese guide, fluent in English, that not only can fix your bike, help you in steep steps, recommend you to stretch, always willing to give you a laugh, but also ensures that your luggage is transferred correctly or keen to prepare you a gourmet picnic. Most importantly for you… this is a guide that will give you the extra knowledge about the surroundings and be with you as they would be with a close friend. All of this can give you the taste of the local culture and creating the best memories.

We select highly skilled professionals to be our Tour Guides to leave you in good hands. With their rich travel backgrounds, as well as their useful information about language, currency, and all local things, so you can relax and enjoy the tour. Many of the travelers that we met on tour have forged lasting friendships with our guides.

A guided tour provides a peace of mind to the traveler. That is why we are here.

These Guided Tours are available per request.

We are specialist in active tours in Portugal, and our strength is being a domestic agency with the local knowledge that can ensure that we can show you the best spots of our amazing country. We can help you to create your desired trip and give you the experience that you wish and will talk about for years to come.

Our customized tours can meet your fitness level skills, accommodation needs and desired activities. We can take care of your transfers and book the entire trip.

Hiking, Cycling, Self-Drive, or other activities that will allow you to discover Portugal the local way, “off the beaten track” culture, nature and typical features only accessible to locals.

Accommodation Level

Accommodation in 3-star Hotels, Guest Houses or Rural Hotels that provide good service with comfort and quality. You can expect a good atmosphere, typical and nice, the Portuguese welcoming way. It is a nice option to rest for the following days.

Accommodation in 4-star Hotels, Charming Guest Houses or the best Rural Hotels. With a superior and cozy atmosphere, this is a fantastic choice, in terms of price/quality ratio. This choice gives you the opportunity to enjoy the accommodation and at the same time get prepared for the following stages.

Accommodation in 5-star Hotels with a great service and quality. Staying in accommodation of this level is not just for the night rest is also to enjoy the services and surroundings of the hotel. The attention to all details gives you the opportunity to experience the comfort, amazing spas, exquisite pools and great decoration details.

Accommodation in Historic Hotels. These Estates are historical buildings (Palaces, Castles, ancient Convents and most of them actual Museums). Expect the luxury, service and comfort of a modern 5-star Hotel.

Cycling Tour Types

Relaxed approach to Cycling. These tours are for those who are interested in getting to know a region or country trough cycling. Shorter distances give you the possibility to take more time to visit the region or sites on route. There is also time to relax at the destination, either at the accommodation or town or village where you are staying the night.

The fitness level of the tours is leisurely with moderate distances and difficulty level. The itinerary selection is done in such a way that the riders follow the most comfortable route, avoiding busy roads and visiting the most interesting sites.

The recommended bikes are touring bikes but is possible to do these tours with road or MTB or E-bikes.

The most interesting fact is that you can ride all year round.

For passionate riders. These tours are designed to meet the requirements of an avid road biker. The best roads and interesting routes, giving the rider the possibility to have the desired fun on the bicycle and at the same time the possibility to get to know the region of the tour. The selection of the accommodation and itinerary is done according to the needs of a rider.

The most interesting fact is that you can ride all year round.

Portugal is a great location for Mountain Biking. Such an old country, undeveloped until recent years produced a myriad of trails, single-trails, back-roads, dirt-roads, off-roads, big roads, etc. All of this opened an opportunity to MTB riders to have fun almost everywhere. Once the rider gets away from big towns than opportunities are open, and one should just have fun.

The most interesting fact is that you can ride all year round.

Portugal is a quiet country and a great location to bring your family to visit and go for an active tour. There are several possibilities that can offer your family an enjoyable time together while riding quiet roads or dedicated bike-lanes. Associate this with different activities that will give your kids the fun they want while visiting and learning about a different culture.

The most interesting fact is that you can ride all year round.


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